Mini golf design costs
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We will take your input and budget, then create your course, maximizing all the curb appeal and playability within your budget.   This will clarify what your course will look like and what features will be included on your course, such as elevation changes, length and complexity of golf holes, as well as any water features, rock structures or theme.

After you approve the initial layout, we will create the construction drawings including plumbing, electrical, topography, and construction details.  The cost for this will range from $1,000 to $2,000 (per 18 holes), but could be more if detailed engineering is required by your municipality.

An overview plan, drawn to scale, costs from $1,000 to $1,500, (per 18 holes), depending on the size and complexity of your project.


A site plan or survey of your property.

Description and layout of any road frontage, access easements, existing drainage, sewer, water and electrical services.  Photographs of the site are also helpful in assisting in the location of focal points, features or structures on your course.  A topographical drawing may also be necessary if your site has unusual elevation changes or if your municipality would require a drawing for drainage engineering.

The cost for our design services will be credited on your construction agreement with us.

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Location is everything....Use the helpful Map Coordinates' Finder to see your area's potential:  

Locate your projects' area and input the information (copy/paste) into this site to review the census data in your market.


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All by Design....

Our installation team has professional installation experience on small and large projects.

We provide a detailed design plan with every project. The design plan ensures that there are no surprises and that you get what you asked for.


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