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Choosing the right location for your facility will be the most important decision you will make.  Income, budget, design, future expansion, upgrades, etc. will all be decided by your location.  Any amount of energy spent on determining your location will be worth it in the long run.  Feasibility studies, researching comparable locations, discussing your ideas with other business owners, friends, relatives and other family entertainment business owners may be very helpful.


Determine your population base, city, county and other nearby cities.  Check with your local chamber of commerce for this information.  Almost any size population base can support a miniature golf course.  But it is essential to determine your budget based on the population in your area.


Determine your population base during the tourist season.  Your local chamber of commerce should be able to give you information based on dollars spent.  It is important to be located in the tourists' destination loop - near beaches, shopping, local attractions and other recreation facilities....Destination location is extremely important!


The number of vehicles that pass by your facility everyday will directly affect your business.  A low traffic count will cost you dollars in advertising.  You may want to keep this in mind when accessing the cost of commercial property.

Most family entertainment centers will locate their miniature golf course on the most visible part of their property.  A beautifully landscaped or “theme-based” miniature golf course will create more excitement and attract more attention than any other form of advertising!

Is there a mall, theater, driving range, swimming pool, water park or ice cream parlor next to or near your facility?  These types of businesses and miniature golf courses seem to compliment each other very well.


A stand alone miniature golf course can be done quite successfully.  But adjacent businesses will become more important, acting as anchors for your business.  We do recommend a small game room or concessions in your sales area.  The addition of a game room and possibly a large practice green will relieve some of your visitors' frustration from long lines during peak periods.

If you do have competition in your area, you will be forced to build bigger and better.  Miniature golf enthusiasts will play all the courses in your area, but will eventually return to the course they enjoy the most.


If it is apparent that your population base will attract future competition, you may want to plan for future expansion.  Designate areas for additional scenes, water features and additional large areas for go-carts, batting cages, bumper boats, food, etc.


There seems to be a growing interest in building in the smaller market areas, and there are some advantages to locating in these areas.  Lack of competition will allow you begin with a smaller budget and upgrade your facility as your business grows.  Initial costs for your property will be considerably less (permits and zoning restrictions should be less expensive obstacles to overcome).  We hear this all the time, “There is nothing to do in this town!”  Here is the chance to do something for your community on a limited budget!


If you have the space limitations of an indoor facility, or if water features and elevation changes aren't necessary for your location, an area of as little as 6,000 sq. ft. could be utilized to build an attractive and competitive course.  However, for a small outdoor course, 16,000 to 25,000 sq. ft. would be recommended.  A larger piece of property will allow our designer to create gradual and more natural looking elevation changes and also allow larger and more interesting greens.  Elaborate courses can exceed 40,000 sq. ft., allowing for the creation of massive water features and dramatic elevation changes.  Beyond the property needed for the course itself, additional areas for sales, parking, storage, restrooms and future expansion need to be considered.

The topography of your property could have a significant impact on your budget and design.  Elevation changes on your golf course are essential.  If you have a relatively level piece of property, material may have to be brought in to achieve desired elevation changes.  If drainage and visibility are not an issue, our designer may be able to utilize the existing materials to create whatever elevation changes may be needed.

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